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It is with deep regret that we announce that Neil Stuart Lawson was killed on the 9th of August 2005 in a tragic and unfortunate gliding accident. His photo library is the legacy he leaves behind, and this web site will be left as a tribute to his exceptional work. To view the condolences, please click here.

Neil's parents, Jean and Michael, would like to convey their sincere thanks to all his many kind friends and acquaintances for their comforting messages, cards and letters of condolence at the loss of their dear son. They are truly gratified to hear that his work was so much admired and has given so much pleasure to so many.

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The white planes picture co. provides high-quality aviation images for a client list that includes editors, publishers, designers, advertisers, airlines and operators.

Whatever your aviation imagery needs, we can almost certainly meet your requirements, both stills and video, within a sensible cost structure based upon usual industry practices.

High quality digital prints of any size are available on request, of all library images. A4 - £30 A3 - £55 etc. up to A0

Video footage will normally be shot as required, although some stock footage is available.

For specific, commissioned shoots - either film/video or stills - realistic estimates can be provided and aircraft of all types can also be sourced and provided. Camera ships - helicopter or fixed wing - can be arranged, equipped with Tyler Mounts or similar as required.
Consultation and logistic preparation will be charged at competitive commercial rates.

Please e-mail or phone us with an outline of your requirements, we can then send you picture samples and give you a no-obligation idea of possibilities and costs.

Neil Stuart Lawson has been photographing aviation-related subjects for over 30 years, and for 15 of these also worked on commercial location photographic shoots on every continent. He is a regular contributor to the UK magazine Sailplane & Gliding.

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